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Born In Suriname (Work) 2023-11-24

One day before Suriname’s Independence Day, Caribbean Music Award winner Samora releases her newest single and video:


Born in Suriname, boss to Amsterdam – music as a plan and mi never let mi down – 

mash up every city, every country, every town – mash up every city, every country, every town


“Born in Suriname (Work)” is probably Samora’s most personal song to date: The tune traces her career from young dreamer in Suriname to music student in the Netherlands to up-and-coming artist based in Switzerland who recently won the Caribbean Music Award as Best New Artist Reggae... Samora describes her striving for the best, growing up in an environment where there was little support for her dream of a music career and becoming an international artist. 


Music worldwide, but no support on my side


The verses talk about her growing up and the values she was taught, while both pre-choruses show how she visualized her dreams and set her own goals in life. 


I gotta do better, I’ll be the hero no matter –

I am in charge of my life and I got to break taboos and patterns


Finally, the chorus reveals the most important aspects of achieving her dream: it is hard work, an open mindset, a wide perspective, and intelligent decisions that lead to the road of success…


Work hard, move smart, think large, let them haters talk


The uplifting, encouraging and inspiring message makes “Born in Suriname (Work)” a gem in Samora's repertoire, but it also joins the ranks of previous releases by the young, versatile, and aspiring artist.


The co-production by Samora, Res Staudenmann, Kiro MusicMaker and the French producers Guillaume Décure and Romain Bellanger from Rumble 1 Records is deeply rooted in dancehall, but also oscillates around elements of reggae, dub and even trap. It’s punchy, edgy, yet danceable and absolutely worth listening to. So go ahead and crank the speakers up!

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