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Never Thought Cover Artwork_edited.jpg
Never Thought Cover Artwork_edited.jpg

Never Thought 2022-11-11

While a lot of things are going very well in her personal life right now - a few weeks after her marriage Samora gave birth to a little daughter in October - the song "Never Thought" revolves around more painful aspects of the universal theme of love: In this case, it's relationship problems with a dishonest, unfaithful partner and the disbelief that suddenly nothing is the way it was and the initially so beautiful moments belong to the past. Samora sings about this heartache theme with strong R'n'B and pop borrowings and wonderful, catchy punchlines over a warm, bouncy Afrobeat track produced by Kiro MusicMaker and Res Staudenmann. 

"Never Thought" is now released as a single six months after its initial release as part of her great album "Chameleon", including a video clip whose concept was again realized by Samora, Res Staudenmann and video editor Kalouk from La Reunion. Intimate, warm images reflect the very personal lyrics of the melodious Afropop song.

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