- 3 VOOR 12

Samora has a fantastic voice, full of fire and energy. She knows how to instantly steal everyone’s heart with her fresh, cheerful appearance and enthusiasm live on stage and her compelling music on her record releases: Her fresh and modern sound features reggae, dancehall, soul and pop, with which she appeals to a wide audience. She is not afraid of experimenting with raw edges in the development of her sound, which makes her so exciting and attractive.


After the single «Me Na Fallin» in 2018, her debut album «Moengo» and the single «Keep My Fire Lit» in 2019, she now comes up with a wonderful new track called «One and Only», a beautiful tune with smooth and warm dancehall vibes and sweet reggae flavors.

One more time Samora proves her power, strength and diversity with this beautiful love song.


«One and Only» is about the magic of love, about that feeling you get when you found the one person in your life you were always searching for, about feeling complete, because there is a gap in yourself being filled with the love you need.